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Artisan Goods

Artisan Goods

Life Inspirit carries a range of products which are handmade from talented artisans!

Supporting artisans, from far and wide is something important to our mission. You can find a range of handmade items in the shop. Anything from hand thrown ceramics, Fair Trade baskets, handmade/ hand painted signs, or pillows made from handwoven vintage rugs.

When you purchase from a small business, and artisan; you are supporting a family, a dream and making the person behind the business literally do a happy dance.

By supporting artisans, you are welcoming a piece of their work into your home and into your life! The beauty behind artisan goods, is that no two are alike! That's what this is all about! Knowing that someone got their hands dirty, used their unique skill, and chose to share that with the world - that's something special and worth honoring + supporting! 

Create a home that's authentic, creative and original to you! Shop small, and support artisans!