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How to Hang Baskets on the Wall - 3 Simple Steps!

Super Simple! 3 STEP rundown on how to hang any of your beautiful new baskets on the wall (if they don't already come with a pre woven loop on the back!)


The baskets being used are our very popular Gokwe Baskets. They are perfect for hanging on walls... Gokwe baskets are lightweight, a looser weave then many other baskets,  and finally they are graphically stunning and affordable! You certainly can do this with any style or type of basket, however!


Okay so let's break this down -


Supplies Needed: Basket, Scissors, Multi Purpose Line ( or fishing line ) and whatever you plan on using to hang the baskets on the wall. A simple nail will work, or you can use a screw in hook, or command hook. ( If you are working with a basket with a much tighter weave; I have had success using a needle strung with the multipurpose line to penetrate the weave and create the loop you need to hang your basket.)
Step 1 : Look at your basket, and locate somewhere in the general middle area on either the front or back, where you can thread through your multipurpose line to create a loop to hang your basket. (I cut a piece of multipurpose line to approx 5"-6" just so I had enough to work with).
Step 2 : Push the fishing line through the weave and over to the opposite side of your basket. Repeat this step so you have both ends coming out the same side of the basket.
Step 3 : Now that both ends are through your basket, simply create a loop on the back, and tie a knot! Trim multipurpose line as needed. Your basket is now ready to hang! 


That's it! 3 easy steps! Super simple and by doing it this way, you can ensure that you aren't damaging the the weave of these stunning pieces of handmade art!


Please Note - Each basket is handmade and unique; no two have the exact same shape. The location of your loop may have to be adjusted as necessary so they hang exactly as you'd like. 


TIP : If hanging multiple baskets, I suggest laying them out on the floor or table surface to get an idea of your layout and orientation.