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White Mud Cloth No.4
White Mud Cloth No.4

White Mud Cloth No.4

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Mud cloth also known as, bògòlanfini or bogolan; is a handmade + hand dyed 100% cotton textile originating from Mali. Traditionally woven by the men; where they weave narrow strips of the cotton textile, which are then sewn together creating a larger textile, and finally painted/dyed by the women using organic materials. Each pattern and design have special meaning depending on the region, ethnic group + individual. Each one truly has a story to tell based on the symbols and designs used!

Use as a throw blanket over your sofa or on a picnic in the park, use as wall hanging, drape your headboard, or purchase to create into pillows or for many other craft + sewing projects! The possibilities are endless! 

Handwoven 100% Cotton Textile

Approximate Dimensions - 56" L x 40" W

Please note-  this is a handmade item, slight variation and imperfections may occur. Each piece of Mud Cloth features unfinished, raw edges. No two pieces of Mud cloth are the same! 

Each textile has been pre-washed, and ready for you to enjoy! 

Care Instructions: Only wash when absolutely necessary! Use chemical free soap (such as Castile Soap) and cold water. Submerge your Mud cloth, gently stirring, let sit for about 5 mins. Remove Mud cloth and GENTLY ring out excess water. Hang dry or lay flat. Iron on back of fabric, on (low) cotton setting if needed.

 Tip - to help "set" color ( more specifically for Indigo) and reduce fading/transferring, you can add a small amount of vinegar to the water while washing.