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Black Mud Cloth Lumbar Pillow 12 x 20
Black Mud Cloth Lumbar Pillow 12 x 20

Black Mud Cloth Lumbar Pillow 12 x 20

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African Mud Cloth Pillow Cover - (Insert not included). 

These textiles will add a touch of global, unique flare to any home!

Cover is made to fit standard 12" x 20" insert.

Features a neutral, cotton/linen backing with brass zipper. Dry clean + spot clean only to preserve the integrity of this handmade item.

Mud cloth also known as, bògòlanfini or bogolan; is a handmade + hand dyed 100% cotton textile originating from Mali. Traditionally woven by the men; where they weave narrow strips of the cotton textile, which are then sewn together creating a larger textile, and finally painted/dyed by the women using organic materials. Each pattern and design have special meaning depending on the region, ethnic group + individual. Each one truly has a story to tell based on the symbols and designs used!

Please note-  this is a handmade item, pattern variation will vary, and imperfections may occur. No two pieces of Mud cloth are the exact same!