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Tonga Basket 17" No.2
Tonga Basket 17" No.2

Tonga Basket 17" No.2

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Fair Trade, handmade basket from Zimbabwe. Each basket takes approximately 2 weeks to complete. These lightweight baskets, made of wild grass and palm leaves are easy to mount on the wall as art, use as practical tableware, or display on a shelf.


Measures approximately 17" Diameter, 3"-4" Tall. 


Each basket is handmade, so slight variance in color + design will occur- that's part of the beauty!


The Tonga people weave these baskets from palm leaves and wild grass, using all natural dyes. These baskets are unique with their traditional designs and square bottoms which form the foundation of the basket. Traditionally (and currently) they are used to winnow grain, and carrying maize or sorghum from the fields.

The warm colors and geometric designs make a statement in any room.